Actions You can Take to Ensure Your Car is Prepped for Spring and Summer

Actions You can Take to Ensure Your Car is Prepped for Spring and Summer

Ensure Your Car is Prepped for Spring and Summer

Winter is just about over – that means it’s time to analyze the damages done to your vehicle by months of snow, ice, sleet, roadway salt, and cold temperatures..

Modern autos are designed to endure most challenges, so unless your auto stayed hidden under a snowbank, there shouldn’t be much to do.

There are a couple of things that need attention to ensure your car is prepped for spring and summer.

Here are the highlights.

Give your Baby a good Wash!

You must have done this a couple of times throughout the cold weather anyhow, and now it’s important to eliminate roadway salt, grit, and miscellaneous crud– all things that will certainly harm your car over the long run.

I usually suggest paying a the bit more to have your car detailed — $100 is typical. That should get you a deep cleaning, for both the interior and exterior. It’s fantastic– your car will feel new again.

At the very least, get it washed and waxed or spend the day doing it yourself. Pay special attention to the lower section as it picks up most of the road dirt.

Replace your wiper blades!

Winter can be particularly harsh on your wiper blades and they need to be able to perform well during the spring rains.

New wipers will run about $40, are easy to install, and you can find them at most full service fuel stations.

Top off your wiper fluid.

Most everyone makes use of more wiper liquid in winter season compared to in springtime and also summertime.

Water is acceptable, but the blue liquid works best for maintaining a clean windshield.

Check the oil.

Usually done twice a year anyway, spring is a good time to schedule it.

If you discover the level is a bit low, top it off and head out to a service location to get it changed and install a new filter.

This is a potential do it yourself project, however you’ll need to properly dispose of your own used oil.

Clean up the floor mats

There are synthetic rubber mats designed to handle bad weather residue.

It’s an easy thing to ignore, but spring is the best time to pull them out and clean them thoroughly or replace them altogether.

Tire Pressure check — including the spare!

Proper inflation after a nasty winter is crucial. Make sure all four, and the spare, are up to snuff.

Also check the condition of the tire tread. If you used snow tires, time to switch them out.

Keep an eye out for any damages like cracks, or anything else that could potentially cause a blow out.

Update your emergency kit.

No need for a parka and blanket in the summer, so get them out of the trunk, and while you’re at it, check your flashlight batteries and restock water, just in case.

Replace used flares and ensure your tire jack is intact. If you have a patch kit, then make sure it’s all there as well.

Fix any Scratches you’ve accumulated.

Scratches, left unattended, can eventually ruin the finish of your car by leaving it exposed to the possibility of rust development. There are products available that can help. One example is a company called TouchUpDirect which sells repair kits for about $30. The results won’t be perfect, but will definitely improve the appearance of your car’s finish and protect it from rust.

They’ll help to match the car’s color, and also have a clearcoat pen. Clearcoat is the transparent layer that protects the finish.

STEP 1: Clean the scratched surface. Rubbing alcohol is good for this because it evaporates quickly.

STEP 2: Shake up the paint inside the pen.

STEP 3: Double check that you got the right color and …

STEP 4: Compare to your car’s finish. TouchUpDirect has a database of auto manufacturers, makes, and model years so you can get the correct color.

Examine your technology.

If your car is older, look for aftermarket improvements. If your car is a newer model then your dealer can inform you as to whether everything is up to date.

Consider your maintenance schedule.

Take a gander at your owner’s manual or go online and find out what might be due on your schedule based on your mileage. Regular maintenance is important.

Beyond Ensuring your car is Prepped for Spring and Summer, maybe it’s time for a change?

Consider your requirements.

Is it perhaps time for a new ride?

Maybe you bought a small car when what you really needed was an SUV. Perhaps there’s a need for four wheel drive? An electric car? There a lot of options and spring is a great time to start planning.

Springtime is a great time to prepare for an change. Over the summer, consider what you need vs what you have and see if it’s worth the adjustment.

By year end you should know what you’re looking for and be able to negotiate a great deal with a trade, or a new lease, as dealers are trying to clear their inventory.

UMary Marauders football vs Sioux Falls 2017

BISMARCK, ND – Facing the nation’s top run defense, the University of Mary ground game outperformed the 7th ranked University of Sioux Falls Cougars two previous opponents but the results remained the same as the Marauders dropped a 38-7 decision to visiting USF.

Sioux Falls limited their first two opponents this season to a combined -17 yards rushing and one touchdown in each game. The Marauders, second in rushing in the Northern Sun, churned out 104 yards on the ground but couldn’t consistently sustain drives.

While focused on the ground, the UMary lone Marauders touchdown of the game came through the air. Trailing 21-0 late in the second half, Colton Farmer found Jordan Beaty streaking down the slot and hit the redshirt freshman in stride for a 69 yard touchdown. It is the first career touchdown for the United States Navy veteran.

Sioux Falls immediately responded. After the corresponding kickoff to the goal line was returned 46 yards, the Cougars drove the remaining 54 yards on four plays, capped by a 27 yard Max Mickey scoring run with 3:30 left in the third quarter.

The Marauders then fumbled on their next possession, setting up the Cougars 34 yards from the goal line. It was the only turnover for either team in the game. Eight plays later and 56 seconds into the fourth quarter, Jason Towns scored his second touchdown of the game from 3 yards out to seal the Sioux Falls win.

In an entertaining first half featuring big plays and big hits, Sioux Falls scored on their first possession as Towns ran in from 12 yards out to end a 74 yard drive. USF also scored on its second possession when Mickey ran in from two yards out late in the opening stanza.

UMary’s defense then stepped forward, holding USF without points on their next three possessions, twice forcing punts and deflecting a field goal attempt.

The Marauders best scoring opportunity of the second quarter was set up by a big 3 yard tackle for loss on a second down at the USF 3 yard line by Richard Bendish, forcing the Cougars to punt from their own 5 yard line.

Taking over at the USF 40 yard line, UMary drove to the USF 22. The Marauders just missed their first points of the game when Aaron Brennen’s 39 yard field goal attempt hit the right upright.

UMary generated 188 yards of offense. Farmer ran for 46 yards and completed 2-of-3 passes for 84 yards. Beaty had a 69 yard reception and DeSahwn Gay caught one pass for 15 yards.

Noah Krebs led the Marauders defense with a game-high 16 tackles. He also broke up a pass. Jarad Zittleman had nine tackles and Dylan Anthony eight. Ryan Naki broke up two passes.

USF posted 245 of its 473 yards on the ground. Mickey ran for 150 yards and two scores. Towns added 52 yards and two touchdowns.

Ian Fieber completed 20-of-28 passes for 206 yards and a score.

A short week for the Marauders, UMary next faces Upper Iowa University on Thursday, Sept. 21, in Fayette, IA.


Credits: University of Mary Athletics

How to Find the Best Tactical Tomahawk

Best tactical tomahawk

When someone is camped out in the wilderness, heavy rain is coming down around them and they need to chop some branches down to make a shelter, they need to know that they can count on their tactical tomahawk to work like it should in that situation. They don’t have time to mess with a tomahawk that’s not very sturdy and that may fall apart after some rough usage. They need something that will last them for years and they can depend on in even the toughest situations.

In order to enjoy the benefits of a reliable tomahawk, they need to first find the best tactical tomahawk on the market. Now, if they look at all their choices, even within the military tomahawk range, they might be overwhelmed. We want to show them how to find the very best tomahawks, so that they can feel good about their purchase and not regret it later.

The first place to go for information on military tomahawks is any review site that hosts multiple reviews. Sites like best tactical tomahawk don’t just focus on one brand or one type of tomahawk. They cover tomahawks from a variety of suppliers and a few different kinds of military tomahawks. We prefer sites like this because we know they are more likely to have unbiased reviews.

After reading the reviews from professionals, consumers should also read some personal, customer reviews. These help them look at the products from a new perspective and perhaps see things they didn’t see before and find out about factors that could make them not want to buy certain tomahawks. Customer reviews tend to go into personal detail that makes the experience of owning the tomahawk and using it more real to the reader, which can be very useful for practical items like tactical gear.

We also suggest that consumers look for tomahawks within their price range and that have the feature they are looking or. Just because a review says that one tomahawk is the best on the market, that doesn’t mean it will be good fit for everyone. It might be out of their price range or might not have some of the features they would like. Individuals have to make up their own minds about what products they think will be best for them and realize that reviews are only opinions.

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Is A New, Unique Flooring Option

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Unfinished Hardwood Flooring Is A Popular New Look

Unlike pre-finished boards, unfinished hardwood comes in planks, giving it that distinct cottage appearance. More importantly, you can color match your floor with your existing hardwood to create a more fluid look. However, most people select the unfinished hardwood for its natural look and color. Some types of hardwood only comes in unfinished types.

Although unfinished flooring may be a little cheaper per square foot, the additional cost you may incur when sealing and staining (if you prefer) could end up more expensive. Added to this is the cost of labor, as unfinished hardwood would entail more hours to install.

Most unfinished hardwood flooring are left bare of paint, that is, the owners prefer this type of flooring because of the strength and grain of wood. The natural color makes for a homey atmosphere, typical in most country houses. Thus, there is very little protection that is enjoyed by this type of flooring. Upkeep therefore is of primary importance for these floors.

Care for Your Unfinished Hardwood FlooringThe best way to protect your unfinished hardwood is by cleaning the floor regularly. As the wood is unprotected, one should make sure that the floor is free from dust and grime which may hasten wear and tear or damage its nice design. Following are simple steps one can do to maintain longevity and beauty of one’s unfinished hardwood flooring:

1. Vacuum. Fortunately for unfinished hardwood, there are no seams to worry about as connections between planks have usually been sealed. The problem though with unfinished hardwood is that regular movement of furniture during cleaning may result in scratches on the floor. A small cordless vacuum with a stick that can reach under furniture and hard to reach corners is thus recommended.

2. Regular cleaning with a dust mop ensures that no stubborn dirt will accumulate on the floor, making upkeep easier. Use of water to clean the floor should not be done as the unfinished state makes the wood prone to rotting when frequently dampened.

3. Mineral spirits can give minimal protection and put out that warm glow on your floor. You can apply this using a rug, dampening it just right with mineral spirits (rug should not be drenched). Wipe the floor following its grain to take out its best color.

4. Take care in using cleaners. Since unfinished hardwood is unprotected, using harsh cleaners could affect and damage its natural color. To prepare for this eventuality, it would be prudent to keep a piece of the flooring and test any cleaners on this before you apply the cleaner directly to the floor.

5. Regularly check your flooring for splinters. Unfinished hardwood may be prone to splinters because of uneven sanding. Regularly check your floor for this as it will either make you the victim of a splinter or your floor may be subject to unnecessary damage.

6. Never let up on regular cleaning. This is your floor’s best defense against damage, rotting or staining. Set a regular cleaning routine and stick to it. This is the best way you can enjoy the beauty and simplicity of your unfinished hardwood floor.

Some may say that with all the protection given the prefinished hardwood and the many advantages that you may derive from it, it is unthinkable that a number of people still go the unfinished hardwood flooring way.

However, choosing one’s house flooring is a matter of style, and one may not necessarily mind the rigors of rigid upkeep for as long as they enjoy the beauty of living in a house with all its natural glory.

Prep Football Rolls Over Paul VI

Jonathan Hilliman rushed for 205 yards and three touchdowns and Brandon Wimbush threw two touchdowns and rushed for another as #6 St. Peter’s Prep rolled to a 61-23 victory over Paul VI Group 4 Non-Public Quarterfinals in Jersey City. The Marauders will face six-seed Saint Augustine next Friday night with a chance to go to the state finals for the first time since 2009.

Paul VI got off to a great start on offense when Alec Vignola hooked up with Irving Charles from 51-yards to give the Eagle an early 7-0 advantage. Jonathon Hilliman rumbled 70 yards in one play to tie the game for the Marauders at 7.

Paul VI would roll down the field again and get a 21-yard field goal from Gavin Sintak to go back in front 10-7. After a Marauder turnover on downs, Paul VI was driven to the St. Peter’s 47 but Corey Caddle intercepted an Alec Vignola pass and took it to the Eagle 34.

Brandon Wimbush would then throw a beautifully placed deep ball to Minkah Fitzpatrick’s in stride to give the Marauders their first lead 14-10. Then Brandon Wimbush would use his legs to rumble 70 yards to extend the Marauder advantage to 20-10. Alec Vignola would hook up with Lonnie Moore to trim the deficit to 20-17.

As the first half began to close out Brandon Wimbush’s third and goal pass to Minkah Fitzpatrick was caught and the clock looked to have run out with the Caven Point siren sounding. However, Wimbush was heads up got the snap with a tenth of a second left chucked it up in the middle of the endzone and Fitzpatrick came down with it to give Prep a 26-17 halftime lead.

Jonathon Hilliman would make sure the Marauders took the final winds out of Paul VI’s sails with a 75- yard kickoff return to extend the lead to 33-17. Jonathon Hilliman finished with 15 carries for 220 yards and 3 scores on the evening.

Brandon Wimbush went 5 for 11 for 95 passing yards 2 touchdowns and added 94 yards rushing and a touchdown. Minkah Fitzpatick had 3 receptions for 55 yards and 2 touchdowns and rushed for 100 yards and a score on four carries. Said Boykin also had a rushing touchdown for the Marauders.

Saint Peter’s Prep again stands one win away from their first state finals appearance since 2009. St. Augustine will provide a stiff challenge with running back Lamont Harris who rushed for 331 yards and 4 touchdowns in a 45-28 quarterfinal win over St. Joseph’s Metuchen.